Being an Atlanta native who turned west in 2013, I have effortlessly found my home here in Redding, California with my husband and our five children.

I grew up knowing I was a creative, but did not fully immerse myself in the creative arts until 2009, when I began designing and curating jewelry as Yellow Reformation.

In the fall of 2015, during a three-month sabbatical, I fell headlong into painting and I have not stopped.

Identifying my most authentic expression within the medium of acrylic, pastel, ink, water and raw canvas, I am equipped to submerge myself in the surrender of each piece.

I found myself in the abstractive process. Getting lost in the theory of color & moving along with it to capture composition has unfastened fresh mediums for me to encounter Creator. 

I am currently fashioning my first gallery, which I will be exhibiting the summer of 2018. 

You can find my work at, and you are invited to come share my artistic process with me on Instagram as @theartofdawn.