1 free your mind

Even though I have been prepping for this for over a month, today I launch something new for me : an art project of 100 abstract paintings, and I have chosen to launch my art alongside eight  causes that I have dreamed of somehow contributing to for a long time. I thought it might be neatO to help you connect with the paintings during the project by letting you in a little on their back stories. SO-----

Here begins THE 1OO BLOG with number 1 : free your mind.

In the days before the new year began, I started to hear the phrase, "free your mind", ring out deep on the inside. I knew it had something to do with where I want to go with my art, as well as my heart (cheesy rhyme win; ) So I had a friend calligraphy it onto my new year's journal. The same week I set out to begin the project to get ahead of it, and this came out of that week. 

What does "free your mind" speak to me? It sings out loud and lingers over you like that little girl playing hopscotch, and all of a sudden "mischievously" jumping outside the scheduled lines (all the gasps). It is the fish who decides to swim in the opposite flow of the school because he saw something interesting in the other direction. It is the little boy who never wants to keep his crayola crayons inside those innocent, yet demanding little pre-determined black lines and perfectly curved edges of his coloring pages.

And it's me.

The one who feels like she can never fit inside some cookie-cutter container. It's my continual challenge with the borders, boredom with the norm, and bumbling toward something that I don't even know anything about-but can feel with the most tangible acuteness that it's presence is there, and is somehow available to silly, feeble, inexperienced, bumbling me.  And it is the dream of that stuffy, awkward, crunchy old box and those belittling, belaboring little lines being erased by the sheer joy of following the thread of that interesting something that is just beyond my reach, but is already inside my heart.